Safety our #1 priority

Our employees, contractors and on-site logistics personnel are our most valuable asset, which is why workplace safety is and remains our undisputed #1 priority. For us, incident-free operation is our objective.

Our approach

INEOS Styrolution is convinced that being a market leader goes hand in hand with an outstanding safety record and that all accidents are preventable. We take our responsibility for safety, health and environment (SHE) very seriously and are fully committed to delivering a continually improving performance across all our operations.

Our commitment to safety starts at the top, with the management board being responsible for our safety performance. However, it is the responsibility of everyone at INEOS Styrolution to ensure the highest standards of safety and health in everything that we do every day.

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Our performance


For 2017, we achieved a step change with respect to safety. Within one year, we dramatically improved our overall safety performance with a considerably reduced total case injury rate of 0.17, compared to an overall target TCIR of 0.38 and 2016’s TCIR of 0.40. This was due to our focus on continuous improvement of our safety performance.

In addition, over 15,000 behavioural-based safety observations (BBSOs) were submitted by our employees in 2017 to raise awareness of workplace safety.

We also significantly increased the health and safety trainings for both employees as well as on-site contractors working under our supervision at our production sites. We documented that our employees completed approximately 115,000 hours of safety training, which accounts for 60% of total worked hours, and that our contractors attended more than 30,000 hours of health and safety training courses, which accounts for 40% of hours worked.



In 2017, we have defined global sustainability targets for all seven focus areas of our business including our company’s safety performance. These targets are aligned with our material topics and underscore our commitment to continuous improvement.

Last year’s improved performance demonstrates that accidents are preventable and that striving for zero incidents is a realistic objective. For 2018, we further strive for continuous improvement of our safety performance and aim to reach our annual overall safety target of 0.33 for 2018 – which includes a target TCIR of 0.33 for our employees and 0.34 for our contractors.


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