Ensuring fair business practices

Ensuring fair business practices

We operate with a fundamental respect for the rights of the individual, our employees as well as business partners. We do not compromise on compliance and seek to ensure that our commitment to lawful, responsible and ethical conduct is practiced every day, everywhere.

Our approach

Our performance

Our gift policy

Our approach

We believe that high standards on business integrity and human rights are critical to deliver our strategy, create long-term value and maintain our licence to operate.

We are committed to complying with all relevant local, national and international laws, as manifested in our own values and guiding principles. Our globally defined policies and standards to some extent even exceed the requirements of local laws.

We strive to live up to the highest standards of business practice regarding ethics, integrity and transparency and will not compromise our safety, health or environmental standards for any reason, including profit or production. We continue to refine our policies, increase awareness and understanding of these among employees and business partners, and enforce compliance in accordance with the policies’ intent.

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Our gift policy

With respect to our Code of Conduct and in particularly our gift policy, INEOS Styrolution EMEA has been refraining from the common practice of sending gifts to customers and suppliers for Christmas and the year’s end and has been asking INEOS Styrolution’s business partners to support us by not offering any gifts to our employees as well. The money thus saved was donated to charity instead.

In 2019, INEOS Styrolution donated 7500 Euro to the non-profit association Apei de Lens et environs in Lens near our Wingles site in France. This organisation provides moral and material support to people with mental disabilities as well as families with mentally disabled children.

In 2018, INEOS Styrolution EMEA donated €7500 to the Kinderschutzbund Neustadt/ Bad Dürkheim. The main focus of this organisation is to support children who live in difficult social conditions by offering assistance and accompaniment through services such as a telephone helpline, prevention training and visits.


In 2017, INEOS Styrolution EMEA donated the proceeds of €10,000 to the Children’s Cancer Association Cologne. The Children’s Cancer Association Cologne – in German Förderverein krebskranke Kinder e.V. Köln – is an organisation that supports parents whose children are diagnosed with cancer, providing psychological assistance and on-site family apartments for the affected families.


In 2016, we donated €7,500 to Hannibal – a charity of the JKVG Association in Antwerp that brings together kids and young people with and without disabilities to spend a wonderful holiday and have an unforgettable time together.



In 2015, INEOS Styrolution EMEA supported the Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Frankfurt am Main – an initiative that provides home support to families with children suffering from life-limiting illnesses – with a donation of €5,500.


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